A New Era: Out with the Old, In With Social Media

The early 21st century can be defined by the wide and increasing use of technology and social media. To put today’s technological and social media use into perspective, Brandwatch.com, states (as of July 2015), the Internet has 3.17 billion users, with the average user having 5.54 social media accounts. Furthermore, 91% of retail brands use two or more social media channels. With this much activity around technology and social media, it would be a shame not to capitalize on the opportunity (as an organization) to have a presence on social media.

As a result of new innovations/technologies, old methods of marketing are actually being left behind, in favour of new digital marketing methods. Companies are no longer using old school methods to get a message across, and everything is instead done online. In the article titled, “Social Media: Arguing in the New Age of Marketing”, Tracy Spevak discusses this shift from old school marketing to adapt to the new digital marketing age. She argues that social media has brought instant communication and much more. Social media not only provides the spread of brand awareness, but a “new environment for a company to unify its image across all media”. If organizations don’t take advantage of social media, they miss the opportunity of spreading their content a lot further than if done with previous methods (face-to-face). Spevak also warns that content has to be created strategically and done correctly. However, with the reach and dissemination speed that social media offers, it’s definitely an essential for organizations in this new era of marketing.

Furthermore, the article “European Retail Research”, by multiple authors, discusses social media as a marketing tool, describing how it’s not only about the publicity social media gives, but also about the importance of building a relationship and conversation with others. By having a social media presence, individuals can now get closer than ever to organizations, allowing access to their thoughts and ideas.

Contrarily, one could also argue that many top organizations have very minimal social media presence. Companies such as Apple or Exxonmobile, are very successful, yet barely post on social media sites. It is important to distinguish that while their enrollment in social media is limited, they still have a social media presence of some sort. Even though they have a minimal presence, it seems a presence of some sort is still essential for organizations in the modern era.


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