Social Media Effects: Both Sides of the Story

While social media may be viewed as primarily, technology for the youth and millennial generation, the growth and expansion of technology has allowed for the use of social media to spread to the masses and to all ages. A large amount of Americans are using some form of social media and in fact, according to a research study done by the PewResaerchCenter, which compared social media use form 2005-2015, social media usage has escalated to a point where over two-third’s of American adults are now using social media. This survey was based on over twenty-seven national surveys and is only continuing to grow today.

For companies and organizations, part of their job is to keep up with the latest trends, and if social media is this current and progressing trend, the large use of social media is something that will not only impact the presidential campaign, but is actually used as a tool by many companies to generate more profit. There are many ways, in which organizations can do so, capitalizing on social media’s ability to gain exposure, as well as expose others is one example and is seen throughout the election to expose others on social media in order to bring awareness to one’s own company.

Social media can act as a means to allow for a greater deal of exposure both positively and negatively for the organization. On a positive aspect, it can allow brands to spread a message to the public faster than ever before, to a widespread number of people. Facebook in particular, displays this audience reach with them having over one billion members. However, at the same time, it can also bring out negative exposure, which we have exhibited with Donald Trump many times. The most recent scandal being the media exposing his private conversation with Billy Bush from 2005, which to say the least, definitely caused a stir for the public and Trump. This is use of social media is important because organizations will twist whatever information they can, in order to generate the most profits and attention. Especially in regards to something as important as the president election, the impact of social media on Americans is frightening.

Ultimately, whether or not social media will have a significant impact on the presidential election is not something that can be adequately measured, as it would be hard to tell whether or not voters voted for Hilary or Trump based on the effects of social media or on totally alternative factors. Either way, with the use of social media being so prominent in the life of Americans, the effects must have an impact on how they view the candidates, whether this is consciously or subconsciously.




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